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It's the intangibles that make our homes stand out


Built to last

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Abandoned Building

How we build

At Easywealth, we always put quality as our first priority. Of course, that means using the finest materials and the most skilled craftsmen, but quality also encompasses how our homes are put together from the very first day.


We’re proud of our eco-credentials, and our homes are built with as little environmental impact as possible. .

Tree Hugger
Security Camera
Security Camera


All our homes include full intruder systems with CCTV, window sensors and internal and external movement sensors to give you total protection and complete peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away. Fire alarms connect directly to the fire service, and secure lines or panic buttons can summon help in an instant.


Owning an Easywealth property also includes  around the clock aftercare. This means in the unlikely event of a problem with your home, you can call us to get it sorted as soon as possible

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